Is Bright Sparks just for people who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour?

No. Many of the people who come along are the carers, family or friends of the patient. This is about giving support to the carers, as much as the patients.

What sort of people attend the meetings?

It is a wide range. We have singles and marrieds, workers and non-workers, mums and dads as well as grandparents. The thing we have in common is that everyone’s life has been affected by a brain tumour in one way or another. Some of the patients who attend have been disabled by their tumour, others are relatively unaffected.

When and where are the meetings held?

Please contact us for details.

What happens at meetings – what can I expect?

We usually get about 15 people attending. Members have the opportunity to meet others and share information and experiences. There is no pressure on any one to talk about themselves if they do not want to.

What happens if I come to a meeting and don’t like it?

Support groups are not for everyone. If you decide to come along to one meeting and do not want to come back again, that’s absolutely fine. You may also meet someone at the meeting who you wish to retain contact with outside the group. Contact Us to find out more before you come along.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Nothing. It is free to attend.

Even so…will I be expected to make a donation?

No. If you want to get involved in fund-raising that’s great, but we do not expect our members to make donations.

What happens if I don’t have transport and can’t get to a meeting?

If you want to come along but can’t drive, or can’t find someone to drive you, then please contact us as we may be able to arrange a lift with another member.

Why isn’t there a helpline or someone that can come and visit me at home?

As we’re a self-help, voluntary group we work by getting together as a group. Unfortunately that means we can’t visit individuals at home.

Why isn’t Bright Sparks a registered charity?

There are currently a number of charities that support brain tumour activities. These provide global information and raise funds for research activities and staff payments.

The Bright Sparks does not operate to raise funds, other than the limited amount required to maintain the group. This includes renting of meeting venue once a month and purchasing books. We make no staff salary or personal allowance payments. As a voluntary organisation our income is far less than what we would require for charitable registration.

Who runs the Bright Sparks?

We support ourselves with members of the group taking the responsibilities they’re comfortable with. For more details contact us.

How is the Bright Sparks funded?

Purely through donations and our own fund-raising activities.