Support groups can play an important role in helping patients, partners, family and friends adjust to life after a brain tumour diagnosis.

The impact, treatment and outcome of having a brain tumour varies hugely from person to person and as each of our patient members has been affected differently, they attend Bright Sparks for different reasons.

For patients we offer the following:-

  • Access to information on the various types of brain tumours, which include books, leaflets, videos and speakers at our meetings
  • The opportunity to talk to other patients to understand how others cope and what you can expect from treatments
  • Advice on getting practical and financial care and support, including benefits and dealing with social services
  • Somewhere to let off steam.

There is no pressure for anyone to talk about themselves and it is free to attend.
If you’re interested in coming along and would like to know more about what to expect from a meeting, please contact us.