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Welcome to Bright Sparks

Supporting Those Affected by Primary Brain Tumours

Our meetings are not just for those who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Many of the group are carers and relatives who want to meet and talk to people who understand life with a brain tumour. As well as mutual support, we aim to give our members information, or access to organisations, that can help them. We sometimes invite speakers to come along and talk to us about topics of general interest, or tumour related issues. We have social evenings with refreshments, and occasionally gentle keep fit exercises!

Meetings are free and very informal, please contact us for the date of our next meeting. Our details are on the contact us page.

Bright Sparks is a voluntary organisation funded entirely through donations.


We were pleased that we started going to the support group, everyone is very friendly and supportive and it is particularly nice having a nurse available to talk to in an informal setting, if you wish to.  We liked the idea of the different themes for the evening, for example, Talks, Games, Exercise, which brings out different aspects in people!  

Richard was particularly pleased to be able to share his story and to hear other peoples’ stories, who were in a similar situation…. you can talk to your friends and family all you like, but speaking to someone who has been through similar, as a patient or carer, does make a difference.  Keep up the good work

I enjoy going to the Support Group meetings as I benefit from chatting (and moaning) to others with a brain tumour. I feel they sympathise and understand and offer genuine support.

My grandchildren have grown up knowing I have a lump inside my head and they are interested that we meet friends who also have lumps in their heads.

I feel it helps them realise other families live with similar problems to those we face (e.g. seizures). My husband also gets support from the other carers and can openly talk to them, and share problems and solutions relating to caring for someone with a brain tumour in complete confidence.